Saturday, April 19, 2014

Music Medium Funky With a Side of Spicy Sauce

Flavorful Tune
by Rachel Hoyt

image by renjith krishnan via

I like my music mezzo funky
spiced like beef stew - meaty, chunky,
with dashes of garlic, pepper, and onion,
popping out like mysterious grunion.

My feet retreat to restful corners
when beats blend or break at the poles of order,
Yet if the stew simmers mezzo spice
I taste and dance without thinking twice.

Copyright © 2014 Rachel Hoyt. All rights reserved.

They say they've found the perfect recipe
for casting a dance trance on you and me.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Poetry Prompt - Crambo aka Bouts Rimés

In honor of National Poetry Writing Month, I'm bringing back a Friday tradition.  Bouts Rimés means "rhymed ends" in French and is a game or challenge where one person (me) makes a list of rhymed words and others (you) write the lines that end with those rhymes, in the same order in which they were given. It was known as Crambo in English and was quite popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Will you help me bring back this hip historical habit?

Graffiti art in the Santa Barbara Funk Zone


Above are the words.

Get writing rhyme nerds!
There will be no winner. This is just for fun
and the joy of rhyming a smile for everyone.